Sunday, July 18, 2010

Copyright and Fair Use

Website Reviews:

Teach Act –

This website was helpful in that it outlined all of the conditions and requirements involved in the Teach Act for face-to-face and distance teaching. I also found the checklist at the end of the passage to be a great resource tool for any teacher. However, the website could have been more clearly written.

Copyright and Fair Use –

I found this website to be both efficient and highly informative. It presented the ideas of copyright, fair use, and the Educational Multimedia Guidelines in an accessible and well organized manner. I liked the use of links and jumps in the website that allowed you to go directly to the question you want answered. Finally, the sample template of a request for permission letter is a great go-to reference for a teacher.

Copyright in the classroom –

I think that this website would be a great tool for teaching students how to consider copyright when creating presentations, research papers, and other school projects. It is written in a format that students would understand and it covers the basics of copyright and fair use. I think that teachers would need to fill in the blanks when students ask more detailed questions.

Two Things that I knew:

I already knew the concepts of “copyright” and “attribution”. For many years I have written research papers and/or made presentations where I used quotes from copyrighted material that I then credited the source of that quote with a reference page and parenthetical documentation.

Two things that were new to me:

I did not know that there was a two year time limit to a multimedia project and I did not know that slogans cannot be copyrighted but are only protected by trademark laws.


  1. I didn't really pay attention to that checklist until you mentioned it. I went and read over it again you are right... that could definitely come in handy.
    I also agree with your statement about how useful the "Copyright in the Classroom" site will be for students. Firstly, I love the design of it. It's very user friendly and it describes copyright law in a very easy format. I can see myself using this a lot in the future.

  2. I completely agree with the TEACH act website! It was so completely bogged down with information in an unfriendly manner that I wanted to scream as I was reading it. Like Dr. Neubert told us, when you give a student something to read and it looks difficult or complicated, or just in an unfriendly format, their limbic system goes into stress mode and they don't learn a thing! I felt like that the moment I laid eyes on that website! It makes me want to make sure that everything I present my kids in the classroom will be readily accessible and won't cause that moment of panic!