Saturday, July 24, 2010

A Final Reflection

Reflecting on the past two weeks of class, I cannot believe how much we accomplished in such a short time span. Especially when my first blog post only listed research and Microsoft Office tools as technology that I am familiar with! I had been only somewhat familiar with creating a blog and I had once watched another student create a Prezi presentation in another course. Now, I have my own blog and I used a wide variety of web 2.0 tools. (I had no idea that there was such a term as web 2.0 before this class.) I learned how to use Glogster, Wallwisher, Windows Moviemaker, Audacity, Vocaroo, Prezi, Delicious, and in two short weeks. But more importantly than any technical tools, I learned how easily and seamlessly technology can be woven into the English curriculum. A majority of my English courses only used computers for research and writing papers (which explains my previous ‘Technobiography’). That routine can, however, become stale and uninteresting for a 21st century student. I know that I can assess whether or not my students are learning the material in a variety of ways apart from a term paper. They could create a Glog or a radio show for a book report. They could create a to visualize grammar concepts. The ideas for differentiation are limitless. I always felt that technology was a great tool for the classroom, but now I know that it is something that is not just meant for a PowerPoint or a Research Unit. The computer can be a consistent and ever-present source of learning. After this course I would like to take a workshop or a seminar that strictly focuses on technology in the English classroom. I am sure that there are many more creative ideas of using technology to enhance and to make the literature come alive to my students.

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