Monday, July 12, 2010

Defining Instructional Technology

My current understanding of the term "Instructional Technology" is that it is a growing field that seeks to integrate technology into all areas of teaching and or corporate venues. For our purpose as future educators, "Instructional Technology" can open the lines of communication between the teacher and his/her students when they are not in the classroom via teacher websites and blogs. Technology allows the teacher to use various mediums in order to adapt lessons to all learning styles (visual, audio, etc.) And technology can serve as a great assessment tool via PowerPoint Presentations or Digital Storytelling in which the students demonstrate their knowledge through these technological venues.

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  1. I definitely like that you call technology as a "medium" and don't fall into the assumption that any technology can be "instructional" because that is obviously not true! I like to consider technology as a way to facilitate learning, not simply there because it's "cool." A lot of teachers fail to use technology as instructional and thus fail their students when it comes to learning. I also really like how you mention that technology can be used as an assessment. I do like the idea that students should be responsible for some technology in their learning as much as teachers should use it to teach.

    Awesome! :D