PTE Handout

Coming of Age Podcast/Radio Show Project

Now that you have completed your written script, you will be creating a Podcast/Radio Show with your reading partner. In it you and your partner will discuss your own novels and then have a debate on which novel best represents the theme of “Coming of Age”.

Content Expectations:

• Brief Synopsis and Review of each partner’s novel. (What happened? Did you like the novel?)
• Each partner explains how his or her novel fits into the “Coming of Age” genre.
• The partners then debate which novel is the better representation of “Coming of Age”

Technology Expectations:
• Students will use the audio technologies, Vocaroo or Audacity, to record your radio show.
• Students will embed or provide a link to the Radio Show on their course blog.

Length Requirement:
• 5 to 10 minutes


Content: 10 pts
Technology: 5 pts
Length: 5 pts.

16-20 pts. Students provide detailed synopsis and reviews. Student’s arguments are sophisticated, use literary terms, and are well thought out. Students edited and reviewed their recording carefully. Students have exceeded the 5 minute minimum.

12-15 pts. Students provide synopsis and reviews. Students present reasonable arguments that use some literary terms. Students have some mistakes in the sound recording that do not interfere with meaning. Students meet the 5 minute minimum.

pts. Students do not provide a full synopsis or review. The arguments are not supported by literary terms and are not well thought out. Students have multiple mistakes in the sound recording that interfere with meaning. Students do not meet the 5 minute time requirement.